Farmhouse Double Box Wooden Small Portable Garden Greenhouse


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Bring your safely garden everywhere with this Farmhouse Double Box Wooden Small Portable Greenhouse. Big storage capacity for various types of plants and elegant and simple design. Giving your patios, balconies, decks and gardens a touch of green, without any fuss. Structured with heavy-duty wood for extended durability, and the structure follows the scientific principle and is strong enough to hold seed trays, pots and plant growth light. All parts are detachable, so you can set it up wherever you want to, and move it when the seasons shift. This large, solid wooden greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants. Flowers in it can enjoy sunbathing and grow healthy in cloudy, in snowy or in other conditions. Feature with solid Fir wood frame, the greenhouse is durable and sturdy. With double box, it allows you to plant many your favorite plants in all season.
Assembly required
  • Polycarbonate glazing board keeps your plants warm
  • Assembly Required
  • Extending growing season and protecting your lovely flowers and planter
  • Material: Chinese Fir wood and pc board
  • Dimensions: 35.5″ x 31.5″ x 23.0″(L x W x H)
  • Weight 13 lbs

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 32 × 23 cm



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